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Boomers and the Job Market: There IS Hope!

In my previous posting, I addressed the growing number of individuals over 50 who are asking “What’s next?” because their current careers have stalled or are ending. The biggest fear that my “over 50” coaching clients have is not being able to land  a job in this very volatile job market.  I believe that just as our perceptions of “work” and “retirement” are changing, our perceptions of the job market must also change.  The shifts in the  job market really work in favor of the Boomer crowd and this idea is clearly supported in Nancy Collamer’s book Second Act Careers. Reading this book tells me that it is time to expand our definition of the”job market”. Consider Collamer’s observations:

  • Technology has completely revolutionized how, where and when we work-I think we all know that is true!
  • The options for flexible employment have improved and diversified-an increasing number of companies are offering telecommuting/work from home alternatives
  • The costs of running your own business have decreased dramatically , and the global reach of the Internet has made it possible to sell to anyone , anytime, anywhere.
  • We are fast becoming a nation of freelance workers-This trend is an open invitation for Boomers to do project work without the daily demands of “going into work.”
  • The Internet provides us unlimited access to information and training 24 hours a day.

Baby Boomers rejoice! In the same way we were the social revolution pioneers, we are now the pioneers in redefining “work” and “retirement” and “careers“!