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Archives for January 2015

A Lesson on “The Present”

As I move into this new year, my focus continues to be on truly living ‘in the moment’. Recently,  I had a real ‘wake up call’ about being present that will stay with me for a long time…..

My hairdresser gives a tremendous scalp/face massage when she shampoos my hair-it is one of the reasons why I go to her. I went to my hair appointment last week with great anticipation!  She lead me to the shampoo chair and within seconds of her starting the scalp massage, my monkey mind took over…….it wasn’t until she was rinsing my hair that I realized I had m-i-s-s-e-d the entire experience…my brain went into over drive and I had deprived myself of this nurturing moment!  *Sigh*…..

The bad news is I have to wait five weeks to have another one. The good news?  I will have another opportunity and you can bet I will have an entirely different experience!

What about you? What present moments have you missed because of mental preoccupation?

Join me in enjoying the present moment: an important secret to living a fulfilling life!






Change Management: Method to the Madness!!

In my conversations with organizational clients, I have discovered that the ‘rapid change’ now the new ‘normal’ in their lives, is viewed as an amorphous thing that is difficult to define let alone manage.  Managing change can be as complex as it is necessary. Here are two approaches that may simplify the change management discussion: The “What” and the “How”.

The “What” is a specific change management framework/infrastructure that , when adopted, is integrated into every organizational change strategy. These frameworks typically have assessments,  planning steps, specific tasks related to each step and tools for measuring outcomes.

The “How” refers to the strategic communication critical for actually implementing the “What”. These advanced communication skills focus on transparency and authenticity while developing/ preserving the relationships essential for change implementation.

How important is partnering the “What” with the “How”?  Research has demonstrated that the success or failure of change initiatives is almost entirely dependent on effective communication.  My own client experience supports these findings and as a result, I will only consult with organizations that are willing to do both the What and the How!

What about your organization?  If you are ready to achieve success with managing change, let’s talk!


The Year May Be “New” And………

I respect the celebration of the New Year as it is an important opportunity to reflect and set goals…that said, I pose this question for your consideration: Does ‘new’ only happen once a year? As I observe my world, I see that ‘new’ is not an event. It is an ever evolving part of life…I need only watch a sunrise, the ocean waves coming ashore and the changing seasons to know that this is true! On a micro level, I find it easy to reflect on the past, i.e., the time I have spent that I cannot recoup. When I do, I completely forget that for every moment in the past, a new moment is occurring. So then the question is: What choices do I have for living that moment?  I have come to the conclusion that embracing the newness of every moment and knowing that how I live in each moment is a choice, is what brings joy and richness to my life and work.

As you celebrate this New Year, how will you also celebrate each new moment?