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What is ‘trending’ in Leadership?

My next several blog postings will be addressing some the innovative thinking in leadership development. To start, let me set the stage for why there is a shift in thinking around leadership skills.

The landscape within which organizations operate is ever changing, volatile and unpredictable.  This evolving environment requires new and diverse leadership skills that are currently being addressed by methodologies that have not kept up with this complex, morphing landscape.  The discussion about leadership has shifted from who leaders are to, as Petrie [2014] describes it, a “development challenge-the process of how to grow ‘bigger’ minds.”

Part of this ‘bigger mind’ is moving from ‘individual’ to ‘collective’ leadership. It is the recognition that anyone in the organization can [and should!] act in a leadership capacity.  By learning the essential ‘collaborating’ and ‘influencing’ skills, leaders will gain the needed diverse perspectives to more effectively identify/solve problems and make decisions.

In my work with organizations, I have seen the shift from ‘individual’ to ‘collective’ leadership slowly evolve. I have worked with senior leaders who have struggled with it because it addresses the ever present issues of empowerment and accountability. Those leaders who have worked with me have successfully made this shift resulting in their abilities to more effectively identify/solve problems and in their organizations becoming more change resilient.

Want to learn more? Contact me and let’s explore what this new leadership paradigm can mean for you and your organization!