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Archives for April 2017

The Pain of Change: What Can You Tolerate?

Over the years, I have heard from employees and leaders that in spite of meticulous planning, communication and engagement, implementing a change is a painful process. I do agree that is the case…..I always tell my clients that change is ‘messy’ and to expect some pain! A personal experience has made me re-evaluate this belief from a different perspective.

A couple of years ago, I went through a divorce which certainly was painful and now that I am on the other side of it I ask “Was the pain worth it?”  In my case, I discovered that the pain of my unhappiness in the relationship  was far greater than the pain associated with the divorce itself.

As organizations, individuals contemplate making changes and express concern over the inevitable ‘messiness’ and pain that will occur, I ask “If the change is not made, what will the impact [pain] be?”  or ” How much pain can be tolerated before a change must be made?”.

Here is a tip for easing the pain for yourself and others: Create and continually articulate a vision for what your organization or work will be like after the change has been made!  This strategy worked well for me as I moved through my divorce. I believe it will work well for any change!

So what about you? What change have you been avoiding?  Now is the time! Call me and let’s develop a strategy and vision for your pending change!