Call Dr. Stebbins today 503.957.6528

Call Dr. Stebbins today 503.957.6528

Are You “Change Curious”???

If so, I invite you to join me for a stimulating and thoughtful 5 session conversation about “change” and how to manage it more effectively. Of course, there are those who think “managing change” is an oxymoron or rather like “herding cats”!  What has your experience been and are you interested in learning how to handle “change” more effectively?

I invite you to register for my course “Change Management: Planning and Implementation”  offered through Portland State University, starting June 16. The topics include:

  • Organizational Change: Current State/Tnhinking
  • Change Management Models: Comparisons and Case Studies
  • Change Management “Real Play”: Real life Change Management success case study
  • Change Management: Tools and Activities

What past participants have said about this course can be summarized in this piece of feedback I received: “You rock; I’ve already been able to apply what you’ve taught. Great instructor/information -great tools, great readings, great content.”

How about you?  Click on this link to learn more and register:





Go to this link for more information and to register