Call Dr. Stebbins today 503.957.6528

Call Dr. Stebbins today 503.957.6528

Career Circle “Job Search Boot Camp” Is Launched

The Portland Career Circle is pleased to announce a new affordable and flexible  format for providing job search services!  It starts with a 2 day intensive “job search” boot camp and then follows up with a subscription based series of teleconference classes/calls, one on one coaching and on line resources.

What is the minimum investment for the 2 day workshop and 3 months of follow up service?  $600

The benefits to you?  Build a supportive community, Develop and practice leading edge job search tools and Reduce your job search time!

The Career Circle Job Search Boot Camp is open to anyone in need of job search support. It is available as a public seminar and can be brought into organizations.

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Learn from professionals, learn from each other and land that job!