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5 More Tips for Successful Leadership

6. Invest in employees as you invest in yourself

*Their development is every bit as important as yours! Doing so will yield tremendous results for you, the employees and your organization both now and in the future

7.Increase employee engagement

*This single most important cost free action will increase retention, drive innovation, solve problems and improve the bottom line!

8. Maintain balance

* Your health, which is your greatest wealth, depends on it!

9. Model transparency and learn the skills to make it happen

* The costs related to lack of transparency in organizations are staggering both in terms of human capital and product/service…..transparency=organizational well being!

10.  HAVE FUN!

* If your work is not fun, find something that is…..your followers are watching!

So….how do these 10 Tips resonate with you? Contact me and let’s talk!