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Change and Creativity

In my client change management work, I have been struck by the fear people attach to ‘change’. There is so much concern about the change itself that there is the inability to look ahead to life beyond the change event.  I do understand the reasons for this situation and am not critical of it at all. Having gone through two major life transitions recently, I have experienced both the fear and the ‘coming out the other side’.  The lessons I learned from these experiences are profound……the most significant lesson I learned is shared here.

Research tells us that the top 3 life changes that cause the most fear, anxiety and stress are: Job loss, Ending of a relationship and Moving.  In the last 12-18 months, I have gone through two of these life events.   Having come out ‘the other side’ of both, I am now experiencing the highest level of creativity I have had in a very long time. My work, projects, and music are all benefiting from this creative ‘renewal’. In addition, my circle of friends/colleagues is expanding at an amazing rate-these individuals truly represent/reflect me:  ever evolving and ‘renewed’.

So as I come into this Holiday Season, I am filled with gratitude for this gift….one that I pass on to you!

Happy Holidays!