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Change Management and Fierce Accountability

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As I have worked with organizations managing change, I see clearly the interrelationship of poor communication, change management and lack of accountability, an important component of change resistance.

Two significant pieces of research [Prosci, 2012; Fierce Inc., 2012] focusing on company “worst best practices” and change management best practices reveals:

  • Less than one third of study participants believe their company is willing to change practices based on employee feedback.
  • 98% of respondents believe a leader’s decision making process should include input from the people impacted by the decision and 40% feel leaders and decision makers continuously fail to ask.
  • A key factor to successful employee autonomy is organizational transparency.
  • The extent and quality of communication inside organizations is the single most important contributor to change management success.

Having witnessed firsthand how the “victim mentality” can set in when employee engagement is overlooked or not encouraged, I share these research findings with my organizational clients.  They recognize the truth in these results and are committing themselves [from C-suite to front-line worker] to developing the skills/mindset critical to creating more transparency and accountability. Doing so results in more successful change management.

Fierce, Inc., offers programs for developing these critical skills. One of the Fierce programs is Fierce Accountability which develops a high level of accountability making change management more successful.

I invite you to experience Fierce Accountability!  I am holding a session May 8 here in Portland. Not in Portland? I can bring it to YOU!

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