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Culture and Conversation

What is the relationship between the Culture of an organization and Conversation?  Plenty!!!

Dr. Jim Harter, of the Gallup organization, concludes from his extensive employee engagement research that “Most people come to work well intentioned and only turn sour when their basic needs aren’t being met. You have to get the basics right if you want great engagement…..the data proves it, doing what’s right for people proves to be right for the organization.” []

In my opinion great engagement leads to a dynamic, positive organizational culture.  Conversations are the single most important tool organizations have for maximizing employee engagement. In fact, Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations, claims “conversations are the workhorses of organizations”. Conversations are the way ‘things get done’.

This idea leads me to these questions:

What kind of conversations are happening inside your organization?

Are the conversations advancing the relationships needed to fully engage your employees and thus, move your organization forward?

The quality of these conversations does indeed define your organization’s ‘culture’!

If you would like to assess how conversation is viewed in your organization, contact me!