Demystify Change

Demystify Change Management

Change Management is often viewed as highly complex and confusing, yet it is recognized as a critical strategy for remaining highly competitive in a global economy. The fact that organizations now have job descriptions for change management expertise is testament to its emerging importance.

As an organizational consultant, Dr. Stebbins is all too aware of the need for organizations to be Change Agile. She knows organizational change only occurs if employees change because all successful organizational change starts with the individual. Her philosophy is simple: Individual change = organizational change.

It is also essential that organizations build in a process for change. Recognizing the important relationship between Project Management and Change Management, Dr. Stebbins is pleased to partner with Dottie Love, PMP, CBAP,CSM to help organizations achieve Change Resilience. Ms Love is a Program/Project Manager with over 12 years experience in providing clients and employers an expanded and effective way to do process and technology implementation on a global scale.

Together, Dr. Stebbins and Ms. Love focus on blending project management structure with strategic communication skills. These skills, based on the work of Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, effectively address the human impact of change that is all too frequently avoided and/or overlooked when projects are implemented. The greatest benefit of learning and applying these skills is the enhancement of employees’ capacity to serve as effective agents for change. This leads to increased organizational competitiveness, improved employee engagement and retention and an improved bottom line.

Dottie Love brings the skills of Project Management to the Change Management Process

Dottie Love

Dottie Love brings her high level of expertise with Project Management to your Change Management process. As a highly experienced Program/Project Manager , she has global experience in implementing meaningful change. Ms. Love is responsive, results driven and organized. 

Partnering Strategic Communication with Project Management, Dr. Stebbins and Ms. Love bring organizations the perfect combination of structure and skill to make change sustainable. Call 503-957-6528 or email