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Demystify Change

Demystify Change Management

Change Management is often viewed as highly complex and confusing. At the same time, change management is now recognized as a critical strategy for staying highly competitive in a global economy. In our modern fast-moving business environment, change management is a key component for success.

As an organizational expert, Dr. Stebbins is keenly aware of the need for organizations to be change agile. She knows organizational change can only occur if employees change. In her work, Dr. Stebbins has found that all successful organizational change starts with the individual. Her philosophy is simple: Individual change = organizational change.

Dr. Stebbins focuses on blending change management structure with strategic communication skills. These skills, based on the work of Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, effectively address the human impact of change that is often avoided or overlooked. The greatest benefit of Dr. Stebbins’ change management process is the enhancement of employees’ own ability to be effective change agents. This leads to increased organizational competitiveness, improved employee engagement and retention, plus an improved bottom line.

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