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Demystifying Change Management

“Change Management” is a phrase that is tossed about in a variety of different contexts. As I speak with managers and other leaders, I find that the phrase is usually accompanied by comments line “Change….we don’t have time to do anything else” or “If things would just slow down a bit, I can get my REAL work done” and “Why can’t people just get used to the fact that we are changing all the time?”

These comments indicate that “change” is like an external force that is imposed on us.  I am sure there are times when it feels that way! The reality is “change”, from an organizational perspective, is a process, a framework, an individual journey and ….. a mind set.

As leaders, we can become skilled change managers if we understand our own reactions to change, acquire the competencies for effective change management and learn a change management methodology, when applied, consistently, will lead to enhanced organizational “change resiliency”.

In future blog postings, I will be addressing one or two change management tips that will help you move your organization through the chaotic waters of change. If you are interested in learning these concepts in more depth, I invite yo to enroll in my “Change Management: Plan and Implement” a short summer course designed for working professionals being offered through Portland State University’s School of Extended Studies, Professional Development Center.

I end this posting with a question I will address next time: What is the single most important factor contributing to successful organizational change?