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Desire: An Important Element for Successful Change

In my last posting, I said that successfully leading change requires good self analysis.It is clear that leading change clearly begins with us; how we react and addressing what is getting in our own way of accepting/implementing the change.

Inherent in that discussion is “desire” or the motivation for getting on board with change.  Certainly doing our own self-analysis will help us better understand our own motivations for accepting change and here is a key question:  How do we as leaders of change address employee “desire” or “motivation” for change?

Prosci, in its ongoing research of change management best practices, discovered in webinars  conducted July 2011 and March 2012 that 69% of participants identified desire as the largest biggest obstacle to overcome when implementing change. Prosci states “… is ultimately a personal decision to get on board and support a change. While this decision can be influenced, no one can make an individual have desire to support the change.”

In its work, Prosci has identified 3 key areas that can help create employee desire for change:

  • Identifying and emphasizing the organizational motivators for change
  • Identifying and emphasizing the personal motivators for change, i.e., answering the question: What’s In It For Me?
  • Garnering support of peer leaders and mid/senior leaders

An overview of a communication strategy that can help you address these 3 areas will be the topic in my next blog posting! Stay tuned!