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Call Dr. Stebbins today 503.957.6528

Fierce Conversations is Coming February 27!

As a newly “minted” Fierce Conversation Facilitator, I am pleased that I will be co-facilitating my first Fierce Workshop on February 27 at the MAC Club.  In partnership with Jean Bonifas of Spring Board NW, we will introduce the foundation/philosophy of Fierce that is based on the work of Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations. We will then give participants the opportunity to learn/practice/experience the Fierce Confrontation model.

In my years as a consultant and trainer, I have not experienced a program that has the power the change organizations the way Fierce does.  It is leadership development training that drives results for business and education by developing conversation as a skill.  Won’t you join me for this preview?  Go to to register!

To quote Susan Scott:

While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, company, a relationship or a life……….any single conversation can.