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“I’m Over 50: What’s Next?”

In addition to my organizational client work, I am a Certified Professional Coach with expertise in redesigning careers. I am hearing the “I’m over 50, what’s next?” statement with increasing frequency. The average age of my coaching clients has been inching upwards in recent years and along with the changing age demographic comes the changing perspective of retirement and, indeed, work itself. What I am seeing in my coaching practice represents a national trend and has given rise to the term “encore career”, defined as “one that lets you earn income and make a social impact” [Forbes, 2013]. I could write at great length about the factors contributing to the “encore career” phenomenon and will save that conversation for a future posting. What I want to emphasize here is that if you find yourself in this age bracket, asking the “What’s Next” question, you certainly are not alone!

Helping a client address this question requires an introspective approach resulting in a shift in thinking and action. Among the topics we explore:

  • Personal Perspectives: “Retirement” and “Work” redefined
  • Career Retrospective: “What Have I Done and Why?”
  • The Future: “What Do I Really Want In This Next Phase Of Life?”
  • Exploration: “What Are My Options?”
  • Plan of Action: “What Is Practical?” “What Are The Steps To Making It Real?”

Having just turned 65, I have been reflecting on my own professional journey……my joyful conclusion? I am presently pursuing my “encore career”…….I have learned a lot along the way……now it is your turn! Let me help you define your “encore career”!