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Job Search and the 3 “P’s”

In working with my clients, I have become aware of the stamina it takes to be successful in this job market. Associated with this stamina are the 3 “P’s”: Patience, Persistence and Proactive.

Patience: You may have the best job search strategies in place-why aren’t they working?  Let me rephrase the question……how do you know they aren’t working?  If any of you fish, you know the role patience plays in catching “the big one”. Casting your line out in the water, you have no idea what is going on under the surface:how many fish and the type of fish that are in the vicinity, how the tide/water conditions are impacting fish behavior etc. and yet you keep fishing. You know that if you do, you will eventually land “the big one”. This job market is not unlike the water-you just have to keep your resume circulating, keep networking and presenting yourself in the best possible professional light-sooner or later you will land “the big one”!

Persistence: You have got to be relentless in your approach to your job search. If you are clear about what you are going after, do not let up! Applying for one position means you praise yourself for a job well done and then move on to the next. When you are fishing, you do not know which cast in the water will produce the strikeyour job search is no different! And like the fisherman whose persistence pays off and has a boat load of fish, wouldn’t it be wonderful to suddenly have more than one job offer? 

Proactive: When is a “no” really a “no”?  Those rejection letters and phone calls can be very disheartening! What if the “no” really means “not now”?  Accepting a “no” implies that your relationship with the organization is over. Continuing to cultivate the relationship beyond the position you applied for is crucial to finding out about other positions before they open. In addition, on going relationship building or “friend raising” will give you a strong inside advocate when an opening occurs.