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“Mindful” Leadership

The act of defining leadership has produced an ever evolving body of research and generates spirited conversations within the business community. I have participated in many of these conversations and read much of the research. I conclude that leadership does not involve titles nor is it a “thing”. Rather, I firmly believe sound leadership is a journey of the heart-this journey is “mindful leadership”. This idea is confirmed by an inspirational passage I read early this morning. From the March Science of Mind magazine, this passage is so profound, I quote it directly here:

“True leadership does not mean exerting power over others,but rather learning how to manage our own weaknesses and modeling the behavior we expect from our team….True leaders seek conscious solutions to everyday problems. They build trust and allow people to feel safe and heard”

At the center of this passage is the realization that we, as leaders, must recognize/acknowledge our own emotional wounds as they will influence how we interact with others and how we create our own vision of personal/organizational success.  In my opinion, the more vulnerable we are as leaders, the safer our followers will feel. And the more connected we all will be to our work/each other.

I leave you to ponder this quote from Science of Mind magazine:

“Mindful leadership means accepting that strong leaders are vulnerable and vulnerable leaders are strong”.