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The Future of Conversation

I had the unique opportunity to hear Brian David Johnson, Futurist for Intel, last evening and I am thrilled that I did!  The key question he addressed was “How do we change the future?”  The answer he provided was both optimistic and affirming: We change the future by changing the story we tell ourselves about the future we will live in.  The future is indeed made by US– and we need to create a vision for ourselves of what that future will look like: what do we want and what do we want to avoid?

He went on to say that creating that vision requires listening and conversation: learning from others, particularly the younger generation. This point underscores the critical importance of effective conversation skills.

I invite you to join me Sept 4-5 for Fierce Conversations: a foundational, hands one workshop that will introduce you to transformational ideas and principles that will shift your basic understanding of conversations and the power they hold in leadership, relationships and results. This workshop is based on the work of Susan Scott’s breakthrough book: Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time.

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